V Series Firmware

          Tips for firmware V132.154:

          1、Fix CRC error issue during MCU firmware upgrade

          Tips for firmware V124.145:

          1、Support power smoothing

          Tips for firmware V114.138:

          1、Supports Standby Mode (V1, V1 classic, V1 mini wifi, V1 mini SE, V1 mini SE Plus)

          2、Filter abnormal temperature values (>90 degrees).

         Tips for firmware V110133:

         1. Fix the problem of MCU repeating nonce when dual mining.
         2. Resolve the temperature error display issue.

         Tips for firmware V99129:

          1.Optimize mining pool communication after TCP disconnection

          Tips for firmware V82.118:

          1.MCU upgrade supports memory repair

          2. Modifications to some known bugs.