Nano Labs Listed on Nasdaq Successfully

Nano Labs Listed on Nasdaq Successfully

Today, the bells of Times Square in New York rang for Nano Labs, which opened a new chapter and was officially listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol NA.

Nano Labs is a Metaverse underlying infrastructure service provider. After three years of hard work, it has successfully built a rich Metaverse chip matrix. Its products cover high-throughput computing chips (Cuckoo), high-performance computing chips (Darkbird), and distribution Darksteel, computing, and storage solution (Darksteel), currently has a wide range of application prospects in the field of the metaverse and is also making breakthroughs in privacy computing, visual computing, and other fields.

The Era of the Metaverse Is Coming

2021 is the first year of the Metaverse. From the listing of Roblox to the renaming of Facebook to Meta, from the launch of Omniverse by NVIDIA to the formation of the Metaverse Open Standard Alliance by many first-tier companies, the tide of the new era is accelerating towards us.

We believe that the real metaverse era should not be monopolized by oligarchs and separate traffic, but the stars are bright and open to each other.

Users in the metaverse era should not be limited to current Internet users, but include tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of users including countless real people, virtual avatars, and AI users.

These users are not only the experiencers of Metaverse products and services but also the creators of the Metaverse ecology and content.

New demands emerge, and a large number of computing and rendering tasks are born every day.


Metaverse Exploration of Nano Labs

Nano Labs believes that the metaverse is a new productivity revolution in human history, which will change the era we live in and everyone's life in an all-around way.

In this brand-new virtual world, the relationship between platforms and users will be redefined, the ownership of data and networks will be migrated, the chain of value creation will be reshaped, and countless new demands and new scenarios will emerge one after another. AI, computing power, and open networks will be more important than ever.

In the torrent of this era, Nano Labs will provide products and services around the Metaverse Chip (Nano), Metaverse Computing Device (iPollo), Metaverse Rendering Network (iPolloverse), and other tracks, contributing to the upcoming paradigm shift strength.

The newly released iPolloverse (the underlying rendering platform of the metaverse) was born to meet and serve the needs of this new era. iPolloverse will go through four stages of development: Metropolis, Enthusiast, Actician, and Antifragile, and finally realize the vision of "weaving the underlying network of the metaverse".


The Future of Nano Labs

Since its inception, Nano Labs has been providing ubiquitous computing power to the Metaverse computing network with their fabless logic-memory integrated circuits.

In the days to come, Nano Labs will continue to provide chips, computing equipment, and 3D rendering technology for the Metaverse, and contribute to the power of the Metaverse that will eventually come.

It is our persistent mission to provide ubiquitous chip products and computing power for the expanding metaverse!

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