iPollo Manual on Ethereum Merge

Coins that can be mined by iPollo Ethereum miner after the Ethereum Merge



Supported models

iPollo V1, iPollo V1 mini, iPollo V1 mini (limited edition), iPollo V1 mini SE, iPollo V1 mini SE Plus.


ETHW (after block 2048):


At the Merge miners cannot mine, and the source code will not be released until 24 hours after the fork.


lhpool supports wallet mining: official website: http://www.lhpool.com/

Mining address: stratum+tcp://hk1-ssl.lhtop.net:5588

(graphics card mining, to be determined)


Bitdog-Pool supports sub-account mining: https://www.ethwpool.one/

TCP address:




SSL address:




(to be tested)


ETHW Mining Pools

[This list will be continuously updated with the release of the mining pool]

Pool Name — —Pool Website

f2pool https://www.f2pool.com/

poolin https://www.poolin.com/

2miners https://2miners.com/

btc.com https://pool.btc.com/

nanopool https://nanopool.org/

ethwmine https://ethwmine.com/

lhpool https://www.lhpool.com/

bitdog https://www.ethwpool.one/

jniupool https://jniupool.com/

molepool https://molepool.com/

crazypool https://crazypool.org/

pool-moscow https://pool-moscow.ru/

k1pool https://k1pool.com/

e4pool https://e4pool.com/

lovetheminers https://lovetheminers.com/

ua pool https://ua-mining.com/

extreme https://extremehash.net/



Notice on the official website of Poolin:


ETH will automatically switch to ETF at The Merge. According to the official statement of ETF, the wallet address does not need to be changed, and will be sent to the original ETH wallet address.


BTC.com has released the mining address at present, and you may need to contact the official to manually open an ETF account for support. Currently, the wallet address cannot be filled in, so you need to wait for the official launch of the ETF webpage to manually add it. The ETF coins mined now are stored in the local account of the mining pool. https://t.co/Ii6P4coMkG


An announcement will be released by Antpool and F2pool after The Merge.


ETF BTC.com mining address:

Mining address 1:

Mining address 2:

Port: 1800, 443(tls), 8443(tls), 3333(tls)



The machine management interface can directly switches the mining address.