Philip Edward Davis, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas met with Jack Kong

On October 25th, Philip Edward Davis, prime minister of the Bahamas met with the iPolloverse and iPollo team and conducted in-depth exchanges on web3 and the construction of the metaverse in the Bahamas. 
The Bahamas is one of the first countries in Latin America to support the web3 industry. In 2018, the Bahamas first established a blockchain certificate system in Latin America and the Caribbean, planning to become the leading blockchain center in this region, and this attracted well-known blockchain platforms such as FTX to settle in the Bahamas. In April of this year, the first FTX Crypto Bahamas conference was held in the Bahamas, where leading investors and builders in the blockchain and web3 fields gathered to discuss the future of the Bahamas’ Web3 industry. In May, Bahamas Prime Minister Philip Edward Davis revealed in an interview that the Bahamas recently released a white paper framework, which will support the construction of related companies in the Bahamas and promote the development of the Web3 industry at the same time.
This time, the conversation focused on the key project of Nano Labs—iPolloverse. 
iPolloverse team introduced the cutting-edge progress of the Web3 industry and its ecological representative project to prime minister Davis in detail. iPolloverse is a real-time rendering network for the needs of the metaverse, relying on decentralized technology and innovative consensus mechanisms to provide metaverse developers with lower-cost rendering solutions and more efficient developer tools. At present, iPolloverse has realized real-time rendering of 10,000 people interacting on the same screen.
Prime Minister Davis said that the Bahamas is currently making every effort to enter the Web3 industry, and has formulated a number of favorable policies and measures for the implementation of related projects. It creates an open and friendly attitude towards the arrival of outstanding companies. The Bahamas welcomes iPolloverse to cooperate with its country and build the Bahamas' Web3 industry ecology together.
In the field of the metaverse, the Bahamas is a country with great development potential and market prospects. In recent years, more and more industry leaders have gone to the Bahamas to seek opportunities. With the strong support of the local government, a Web3 industry cluster has gradually formed, bringing together a large number of outstanding talents and projects. The warm and strong atmosphere of Web3 in the Bahamas is also deeply attracted to iPolloverse. It is hoped that the two parties can further strengthen communication and establish a cooperative relationship in the future, and work together to promote the prosperity and development of "Passion Island" Bahamas in the field of Web3.