Grin Mining Tutorial

What is Grin?

Grin is a blockchain and a cryptocurrency focused on privacy and scalability. Grin is also an implementation of the MimbleWimble transaction format with the extensions required for a complete blockchain, which aims to provide a fungible means of electronic transactions for all.
Step 1: Create a Grin Wallet

Grin++ was designed and coded to be secure, fast, and reliable. Your keys, your coins, all transactions are done via TOR.
Niffler is a out-of-the box user-friendly gui Grin wallet. The name 'Niffler' comes from "harry potter".
Named after a species of dragon - Ukrainian Ironbelly. One of them guarded some of the oldest and deepest vaults in Gringotts. This wallet uses React-Native for the UI and official Grin source code written in Rust.
Step 2: Choose a Grin Mining Pool
Step 3: Configure iPollo Miner
a. Connect with the Ethernet and power supply as the following shows.
Notice: The server and PC must be in the same network segment, otherwise the IP information returned by the server cannot be received.
b. Download the file "Show IP.exe", click and run it as Administrator; press the "IP Report" button on the server for 3–5 seconds and release it.
The server IP address will be feedback as shown below.
c. Enter the obtained IP address in the browser (Google Chrome).
d. Switch the server IP address to DHCP or Static on Network Configuration. (Default IP address state is DHCP)
e. Fill in the Pool Configuration, and press Save&Apply.
f. Confirm current server operating status on Miners-Dashboard.