ETC、ETHW、ETHF Single Mining and Zil Dual Mining

   What is ZIL?
ZIL is a native token for the Zilliqa blockchain built to enable and scale decentralized apps, from financial services to NFT marketplaces.
About Dual Mining of ZIL
With the addition of ZIL, when mining ETC, ETC+ZIL, the mining process is not like what people usually understand as "dual mining" or even "triple mining". Unlike other coins that are share-based, ZIL mining is round-based.
This also means that most of the time the miner only needs to mine ETC and switches to mine ZIL about every 15 hours. When the graphics card switches to ZIL mining for about 1-2 minutes, it will switch to ETC mining again.
Operation Steps
Step 1: Create a Wallet.
Choose a wallet that supports your security and needs.
Step2: Choose a Mining Pool.
The following pools support ZIL, and ezil and k1pool are the most powerful ones, which can be selected according to your preference.
Step3: Configure iPollo Miner.
a. Update the firmware to the latest version.
b. Click the "Miner Configuration" to set the "Mining Pool" and "Network".
c. Fill in the Mining Pool Information(Take “Ezil” as an example).
d. The combination of dual mining can be set according to personal preferences.(Take ETC+ZIL dual mining as an example).
ETC+ZIL dual mining pool address:
"Miner" should be filled in "ETC wallet address. ZIL wallet address. Miner name".
e. Confirm mining status on Network Configuration Tab.
f. Click “Save &Apply” to begin mining.
Video Tutorial
Benefit Comparison between ETC、ETHW、ETHF Single Mining and Zil Dual Mining.
Note: the daily average hashrate will be reduced by 10% during dual mining.
Single Mining
Dual Mining
The average increase of ETHW&Zil dual mining benefit compared with ETHW single mining is 54.842%.
The average increase of ETHF&Zil dual mining benefit compared with ETHW single mining is 66.98%.
The average increase of ETC&Zil dual mining benefit compared with ETHW single mining is 62.76%.