iPolloCare+ Service Program

iPolloCare+ Service Program

(Extended warranty programs for iPollo Mini series(1) machines)

1. The definition of iPollocare+


In order to extend the service life of your device and avoid downtime losses caused by unexpected circumstances, iPollo is now launching the iPolloCare+ extended warranty program. You can purchase additional extended warranty services according to your personal needs when purchasing iPollo V1 Mini  device. The extended warranty period will be extended by an additional corresponding time on top of the original 6 months (180 days). The additional service period starts from the date of purchasing the iPolloCare+program.


2. How to buy an iPolloCare+ program


When purchasing a new iPollo device, add the iPolloCare+service plan to the cart to check out.

You can buy coverage on a fixed-term plan: 180 days or 360 days.



3.  iPolloCare+ Hardware Coverage(2) includes the following:


(1) iPollo V1 Mini series mining machine

(2) Power cord and power adapter

(3) Hash board

(4) ASIC chip

(5) Control board

(6) Other accessories (such as antennas, heat sinks, fans, internal wires, etc.)


Other considerations regarding the iPolloCare+service program


Q: Can the previously purchased iPollo series products be extended by purchasing iPolloCare+services?

A: No, the iPolloCare+service is only available for customers who purchase iPollo devices after the launch of the service.

Q: What is the price of the iPolloCare+service plan?

A:  Pricing below is for the latest program. 

Extended days


180 day


360 day  






(1) iPolloCare+currently only covers the V1 Mini series. For more details on the other models or series, see ipollo.com.

(2) Firmware and other software issues are not covered by the iPolloCare+service program. We kindly request your understanding, but we will provide professional online service to upgrade and optimize your machine.


The warranty rules during the extended warranty service period are consistent with the original warranty rules. In the event of intentional damage, unauthorized disassembly of the machine, or invalidation of the warranty sticker, iPollo has the right to refuse the extended warranty service after inspection and verification.