The Mayor of Miami Meets with the Founder of iPollo and Nano Labs

On September 17th(UTC-5), Jack Kong (the founder of iPollo and Nano Labs) had a close conversation with Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, USA, who is also a supporter of cryptocurrencies.
Miami, a city located in the southern part of the United States, has always been a forefront of Web3 revolution, is becoming the most remarkable Web3 attraction in the country, attracting a great number of Web3 enthusiasts southward and making Miami the birthplace of more and more Web3 innovation projects. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has said in public speech that he plans to make Miami the new Silicon Valley of Web3, and such a goal is being achieved step by step. In the past few years, Miami has launched new city service projects in partnership with Ethereum; also has worked with TIME, one of  most prominent advocates of Web3 in traditional media, to expand Miami's influence and advance Miami as a model city for Web3;, currently valued at $14 billion, one of the world’s largest blockchain platforms, moved its headquarters from New York to Miami last year. 
Jack Kong introduced the role of iPollo and Nano Labs in Web3 to Mayor Suarez, and gave a detailed explanation of the company's related products and business. Mayor Suarez gave great praise and affirmation to achievements and business prospects of iPollo and Nano Labs. He said that Miami is one of the most active cities in Web3 in the United States, with great market opportunities and potential. At the same time, the government is also glad to serve Web3 enterprises and warmly welcomes iPollo and Nano Labs to develop in Miami and build a better Web3 industry ecosystem together for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.
Jack Kong expressed the sincere gratitude to Mayor Suarez for his invitation. He said that as an infrastructure service provider in Web3, we hope to work with like-minded people to create a brighter future in Web3. iPollo and Nano Labs is looking forward to more communication and cooperation with Miami, to strengthen the innovations of technology application and promote the harmonious development.