Nano Labs&iPollo’s Trip to Texas

Nano Labs&iPollo’s Trip to Texas

On September 9th, Jack Kong(the founder of Nano Labs) and Shen Wei(GBD Director of iPollo) with other colleagues, visited Steve Kinard(Director of Bitcoin Mining Analytics), Lee Bratcher(President&Found of TBC), and took part in the Texas Blockchain Council(TBC), which aims to support blockchain professionals and advance the use of blockchain in business in the state of Texas. 

During the discussion, it referred to the development of Texas mining. Since nowadays many mining companies has transferred to Texas, Texan legislation and regulation have introduced revelant policies about cryptoasset activity. It also brings up some related topics to be discussed, like the further development of these companies, even the whole industry; the support or relevant policies from the U.S. government; the prospect and the direction of the future development and so on. We hope that in the future, there can be more cooperation among Nano Labs, iPollo and Texas Blockchain Association through follow-up activities.

Then on September 10th, Jack Kong visited and exchanged opinions on blockchain industry with Professor Xie Le at Texas A&M University. Texas A&M University, an outstanding American university in the field of blockchain and electric power, has many great professors specializing in blockchain computing, who provide suggestions to the energy and electricity sectors. So far, this university has 9 Nobel laureates. Jack Kilby, the father of integrated circuits, after which the JK flip-flop was named, is the distinguished professor of Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Bjarne Stroustrup, is known as the “Father of the C++“, is the chief professor of Computer at the university.

As for Professor Xie Le, he is currently a tenured associate professor at Texas A&M University, well-known in doubleE(Electrical Engineering).
We firstly discussed and studied the impact of Bitcoin mining on the Texas power grid, and the solutions to sustainable development and electricity in the aspect of the government and the power grid.

In the context of the peak electricity consumption in Texas, there are a lot of variables creating lots of problems to power grids because of mining. Therefore, after that, we discussed the cooperation among Texas mining, companies and the power grid to make it sustainable. We would like to provide some help, like ESG for, the power grid. In addition, ways of using electricity more efficiently and reducing environmental damage or waste also have been discussed. In the future, we are glad to cooperate with this university to do deeper research on power consumption, such as the impact of Bitcoin mining on energy.


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