Dual Mining Benefits Boosted with iPollo Miner and Ezil Pool

I.Benefits of iPollo Miner and ZIL Dual Mining

A.Increased profitability: Dual mining with iPollo Miner and ZIL can increase your overall profitability, as you are able to mine two different cryptocurrencies at the same time.

B.Reduced energy costs: iPollo Miner is designed to be energy efficient, which means that you can save money on your electricity bill while mining.

C.Easy to use: iPollo Miner is user-friendly and easy to set up, making it accessible to both novice and experienced miners.

D.Stable performance: iPollo Miner is designed to provide stable performance, which means that you can mine for extended periods of time without experiencing any issues.

E.Increased mining flexibility: With iPollo Miner and ZIL Dual Mining, you have the flexibility to switch between different cryptocurrencies .

Benefit data table (based on the day's currency price)
II. Operation Steps with iPollo Miner on Ezil Pool

Step 1: Create a Wallet Choose a wallet that supports your security and needs.
Step 2: Open Ezil Mining Pool (https://ezil.me/)

Step 3: Configure iPollo Miner

a.Update firmware to the latest version.
b.Click "Miner Configuration" to set "Mining Pool" and "Network."
c.Fill in Ezil Mining Pool Information
d.The combination of dual mining can be set according to personal preferences (Take ETC+ZIL dual mining as an example).

ETC+ZIL dual mining pool address:
"Miner" should be filled in "ETC wallet address. ZIL wallet address. Miner name."
e.Confirm mining status on Network Configuration Tab

f. Click "Save & Apply" to begin mining.