The Prime Minister of the Bahamas Meets with the Founder of iPollo and Nano Labs

On September 16th(UTC-5), Jack Kong (the founder of iPollo and Nano Labs) had a communication with Philip Edward Davis, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas.
Bahamas is one of the first countries to develop in Web3 in Latin America. In order to participate in building Web3, Bahamas established the blockchain certificate system in Latin America and the Caribbean back in 2018, with plans to become the leading blockchain hub in the region, attracting well-known blockchain platforms such as FTX to Bahamas.
Jack Kong introduced the role and development of iPollo and Nano Labs in Web3 and blockchain field to Mr. Davis in detail, and explained our products with demonstration. Mr. Davis spoke highly of the role and influence of iPollo and Nano Labs in related fields and gave full recognition to the company’s business. He warmly welcomed iPollo and Nano Labs’s visit and expected more enterprises to develop in Bahamas.
Jack Kong expressed the sincere gratitude to Mr. Davis for the invitation, and said that during the exchange, he felt that Bahamas is an open and enthusiastic country, which strongly supports and encourages the development of Web3. And iPollo and Nano Labs has always been committed to providing the underlying infrastructure services for Web3, and has made certain achievements. Taking the opportunity of this conference, we hope to enhance communication and further establish cooperation in the future, and promote the construction and development of Web3 industry jointly.