Spring Festival Arrangement

Dear iPollo users,

The Spring Festival is coming. Please be informed that iPollo after-sales maintenance, customer service and technical support in mainland China are arranged as follows.

After sales maintenance is arranged as follows:

From January 9 to January 29, due to logistics reasons and the epidemic, maintenance stations in China will no longer accept machine repair requests (suspend receiving repair parts or devices). On January 30 (the ninth day of the first lunar month), normal receipt and shipment status will be restored.


After sales customer service and technical support are arranged as follows:

After sales customer service and technical personnel may not reply in time from January 21 to 23, so we suggest you avoid this period.

9:00 -17:00 Beijing time (UTC+8), January 24-28, service time;

It will be returned to normal on January 29, please inform each other.

If there is any problem, please leave a message to the after-sales email: support@ipollo.com

iPollo appreciates your support all the way. And we wish you a happy New Year, happy family and good luck in advance!!