Nano Labs Founder Jack Kong Attends POWER WEB3 Hong Kong Innovators Summit

On 9th January, the grand opening of “POWER WEB3 Hong Kong Innovators Summit” was held in Hong Kong Cyberport. The summit mainly gathered two major industrial topic directions, the new policy of Hong Kong assets and Web3 development trend. Mr. Paul Chan, the Financial Secretary of HKSAR, Mr. Joseph Chan, the Deputy Secretary of Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of HKSAR, Mr. Patrick Lau, the Deputy Executive Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Mr. Johnny Ng, the Member of Legislative Council of HKSAR and many other political members participated in the summit, as well as head virtual asset platforms, top global investment institutions, Web3 industry celebrities, and other participants.
Mr. Paul Chan, as the special guest of the summit, said that Hong Kong has recently completed the legislation for the new policy of virtual assets, which provides a new field for practitioners to form new models, new markets, and new opportunities, in his opening address. At the same time, the government is conducting various pilot projects, demonstrating Hong Kong's commitment and determination to explore financial innovation together with global virtual asset communities.
Jack Kong, the founder of Nano Labs, was invited to attend the summit and witnessed the inaugural meeting of HK Web3 Hub in Cyberport together with Mr. Paul Chan and other guests. It is reported that the establishment of HK Web3 Hub will provide support and assistance for Web3 companies to settle in Hong Kong, and it is planned to attract hundreds of Web3 companies to settle down within three years, which will greatly promote the development of virtual assets and Web3 industry in Hong Kong and enhance the influence of Hong Kong in global markets.
Mr. Jack Kong also attended the Summit Roundtable, discussing "Virtual Assets and Opportunities in Hong Kong's Winter" with WenSheng Cai, Chairman of MeituXiuXiu, and SiLin Shang, Co-Founder of MarsBit. At the conference, Mr. Jack Kong said that the innovation in the last round of the bull market was the innovation model of native financial, and it is expected that the innovation direction of the future market will be upgraded to the innovation model of native application. If Hong Kong seizes this wave of industry dividend, it can become not only a global Web3 financial center, but also a global technology center.
It is known that this summit is the first large-scale offline industry summit in Hong Kong since the release of the "Policy Statement on Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong", attracting thousands of relevant practitioners to participate, and many of them expressed lots of splendid views and industry development suggestions, which contributes to the promotion of Hong Kong to accelerate its development as a global virtual assets center.