iPollo Participated in DCentral, Miami

On November 29th, iPollo was invited to participate in a panel held by BitMart at DCentral in Miami, talking about how to better develop the NFT industry and its future in web3.
A panel of diverse industry representatives.
BitMart’s Vice President of Business Development, Victoria Feng, led a panel of four leading industry representatives from diverse sectors:
Annie Yi — Ambassador for NFT project Theirservse and award-winning actress and musician
Connie Lam — Senior Director of Engineering at CertiK
Wilfred Daye — CEO of Securitize Capital
Wei Shen — Director of Business Development at iPollo
Annie Yi mentioned that people especially younger generations who are following Theirsverse are following you on a journey instead of buying and selling. Connie Lam explained the differences between a token audit and a smart contract. Wilfred Daye and Wei Shen also talked in-depth about the use cases and products that investors want to look for in the NFT space. What they focused on is the future of NFTs and how the industry could promote consumer engagement, loyalty, diversification, and new experiences as it continues to mature.
Victoria Feng, Annie Yi, Connie Lam, Wei Shen, and Wilfred Daye

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