iPollo Launches A-Series Computing Devices

iPollo launches new product--A series computing devices
With the heating up of ZK and AIGC industry, there is a growing demand for devices that can support ZK and AIGC computing. The devices that meet this computing demand have higher requirements for CPU and GPU computing power. In response to this specific demand, iPollo launches the A-series computing devices.
The appearance of iPollo's newly developed A-series is similar to that of desktop computer host, which can be removed on all sides, making installation more convenient. The graphics card with high performance and large memory and the CPU with high core are used in the interior. The memory of the graphics card can be used to render scenes. The larger the graphics memory, the more scenes can be rendered in parallel. CPU can be used for parallel computing. The more cores, the stronger the overall computing performance.
The hardware configuration of this series ensures low power consumption and easy management with high computing power and stable operation, supporting ZK computing and AIGC computing more efficiently.
For more details and parameters of A-series devices, please visit our official website, www.iPollo.com.
Zero-knowledge Proof and AIGC
Zero-knowledge Proof (ZKP) is a cryptographic protocol in which one party (the prover) can prove to the another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true without revealing anything beyond what is known. Zero-knowledge proof has played an important role in the crypto space and Web 3.0, and is highly expected in the expansion of Ethereum, and indeed the development of the blockchain industry.
AIGC (AI Generated Content) refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to generate content, which is characterized by automatic production and efficient. In recent years, the metaverse is developing step by step. In the process of moving towards the metaverse, a large amount of digital content is needed to support it, and it is simply impossible to meet the demand by manual design and development alone, AIGC is the right solution to this problem, and it will be a brand new content generation tool in the Web3 era.
The Value and Use of A-Series Computing Devices
Although various innovative algorithms are emerging, the situation that it is easy to verify and difficult to generate proofs remains, and ZKP computation also requires a lot of arithmetic power consumption, so the use of various types of arithmetic power to generate ZKP computation is gradually taking off.
As users seek more expressive, high-performance, and private computations, the complexity of using ZKP will increase, which will result in slower proof generation, requiring the use of specialized hardware to generate proofs in a timely manner, and corresponding computing devices are created to support ZK computation.
In addition, training AIGC models is required for massive amounts of data and powerful computing power, because the computing device itself is composed of multiple GPU configurations with corresponding storage space, and these high-performance graphics cards can support AIGC image generation computations.