Nano Labs team visited Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of HKSAR

On October 28th, Nano Labs team visited Mr. Chan, the Deputy Secretary of Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of HKSAR and Mr. Ng, the Member of Legislative Council of HKSAR, having an in-depth discussion on Web3.
Jack Kong, the founder of Nano Labs, shared the current global regulation status of Web3 and suggestions for Hong Kong, with full expectation for the Web3 development in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s prosperous economy and international financial center status will provide sufficient nutrients for the growth of Web3 industry. With the clarification of policies, talents in Web3 will continuously converge to Hong Kong, which has the opportunity to become the future Web3 entrepreneurship center for Chinese around the world. Nano Labs, as a Web3 infrastructure service provider, is looking forward to further communication with Hong Kong to build a better Web3 industry ecosystem.
Hong Kong has always been making every effort to develop Web3. On October 31th, the HKSAR Government announced relevant policies, and indicated that Hong Kong maintains an open attitude towards worldwide innovators and innovative projects in Web3, and the Government is working with regulators to create a more convenient environment to facilitate the sustainable development of Web3 in Hong Kong. Mr. Chan said that as a global leading financial center, Hong Kong has a solid foundation to enter Web3. Now with policy support, it demonstrates that Hong Kong is ready to promote its development into a global hub for Web3 and also welcomed Web3 teams such as Nano Labs, iPollo and iPolloverse to visit Hong Kong for more communication on Web3 industry.