Nano Labs Actively Explores the Path of Web3 in Hong Kong

With the “Policy Statement on Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong” issued by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (“FSTB”), it sets out the Government’s policy stance and approach towards developing a vibrant sector and ecosystem for Virtual Assets (“VA”) in Hong Kong, and attracts tons of attention from Web3 participants. Nano Labs visited some academic and political institutions in Hong Kong.
Nano Labs Visited Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
On November 3rd, Nano Labs management team visited the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(HKUST) and had a discussion on Web3 and metaverse with Prof. Yang Wang, Vice President of the university and the founder of Web3 Lab.
Professor Wang expressed his sincere welcome to Nano Labs team, and strongly agreed with Jack’s view in twitter space “Hong Kong’s regulatory regime for cryptocurrencies interpretation”. With the introduction of Hong Kong’s new policy, Web3 construction will become the main direction of Hong Kong’s all-out efforts, and as a leading global financial center, Hong Kong’s Web3 construction also has its unique advantages. HKUST is highly concerned and attaches great importance to this, and is making efforts to better integrate the Web3 industry with HKUST from various aspects, so as to provide students with a better quality and diversified teaching experience, leading to grasp the development of the cutting-edge industry.
Jack was very glad to have this academic discussion with HKUST and has also benefited a lot. He said that Nano Labs is a Web3 infrastructure service provider, dedicated to providing professional services to industry builders and participants.
Nano Labs Visited The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
On November 2nd, Nano Labs management team visited The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and had a closer exchange and discussion on Metaverse related topics with Prof. Wenzhong Shi, Director of Smart Cities Research Institute, Prof. Song Guo, Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Prof. Haitian Lu, Sustaintech Foundation Professor in Accounting and Finance.
Research and progress of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University(PolyU) in the field of blockchain and metaverse are also crucial for Nano Labs. In this exchange, professors of PolyU and Nano Labs team talked about thoughts and suggestions respectively.
Jack Kong, the founder of Nano Labs, introduced iPolloverse, the first real-time rendering network initiated by Nano Labs to meet metaverse needs, and explained its value and layout in metaverse field. iPolloverse is dedicated to providing better experience and service for Web3 users, and PolyU is striving to make progress in related courses’ education. The direction and goals of both sides coincide, so we hope to further exchange and strengthen ties in the future to jointly help the construction and development of the metaverse industry.
Prof. Shi, as the father of Urban Infomatics, is deeply involved in digital city technology and very concerned about the development of 3D rendering technology, has expressed high affirmation to iPolloverse project, which is of key value to the development of digital city. Prof. Guo, as a computing expert, hopes iPolloverse become his “open source lab” in metacomputing, whose concept of Meta Computing perfectly coincides with the development of iPolloverse.
Nano Labs Visited Hong Kong Legislators
On November 4th, the founder of Nano Labs, Jack Kong, visited Hong Kong Legislative Council and CPPCC member Johnny Ng Kit-chong, touring the Hong Kong Legislative Council and exchanging views on Hong Kong’s Web3 policy.
Hong Kong recently officially released the “Policy Statement on Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong” on October 31st, stating that it has an open and inclusive attitude towards global innovators. This declaration shows that Hong Kong has finally taken a key step towards the establishment of a global virtual asset center.
Jack said that this policy statement gives Chinese entrepreneurs a lot of confidence. As one of the few regions that owns both high efficiency and strong law support, Hong Kong can become the gateway for Chinese entrepreneurs, and has the opportunity to become the center of Chinese entrepreneurship in the future.
The manifesto says: “The Government sincerely invites the global VA community to join hands with us and leverage on Hong Kong’s status as an international financial centre to realize the potential of financial innovations under a clear, agile and facilitating regulatory environment, adhering to best international standards and practices.” This represents that Hong Kong will facilitate and support industry entrepreneurs and investors on all fronts, making Hong Kong a great place for Web3 startups. Mr. Ng expressed his agreement and welcomed Nano Labs to join Hong Kong’s Web3 startups and to witness the advent of the “Web3 era” in Hong Kong.
Nano Labs Visited Hong Kong Cyberport
On November 4th, Jack Kong visited Mr. Peter Yan, the CEO of the Hong Kong Cyberport, and COO Mr. Howard Cheng, to discuss about Web3.
As the stronghold of Hong Kong’s science and technology companies, Hong Kong Cyberport has brought together about 1,800 startups and technology companies since its establishment in 2004, witnessing the development of Hong Kong’s science and technology industry. In February 2022, R3, a leading blockchain company, set up an “Innovation Lab” in Hong Kong Cyberport to provide blockchain-related resources and technologies; in August, Hong Kong Cyberport hosted the “2022 Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum” to analyze the future trends of metaverse technology in the fields of entertainment, art and sports, and set up a pavilion in the metaverse platform Decentraland for the first time, where it brings an immersive experience; in September, STEPN, a renowned chain game unicorn, announced the opening of its first physical office in Hong Kong Cyberport, hoping to help create a better Web3 startup environment in Hong Kong; in October, the online live event “Policy Statement on Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong” co-hosted by Hong Kong Cyberport reached 500,000 views, setting a global record for the number of listeners of a single twitter space.
Mr. Peter Yan warmly welcomed Nano Labs and said that Hong Kong has strong scientific research ability, broad market demand and active policy support, which has attracted a large number of financial technology startups from home and abroad to Hong Kong in recent years. Cyberport has been actively responding to the government’s call, and provides high-quality support programs to create new economic power for Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong government is actively promoting Web3 industry and fostering an industry ecosystem to build a world Web3 hub in Hong Kong, and many universities in Hong Kong, who have a relevant academic background in blockchain and are constructively exploring application scenarios. With the introduction of relevant legal rules and regulations and the corresponding support from local industrial zones, it is believed that various Web3 projects will be landed in Hong Kong. Nano Labs, iPollo and iPolloverse are also positively seeking cooperation in Hong Kong.