iPollo Metaverse Pass by Nano Labs
The Metaverse Commemorative NFT launched by Nano Labs in July 2022 hopes to start a new Metaverse journey with more families.
Mint Time:

Pre-sale (UTC+8)Jul 28th, 10:00,2022;

Public Mint (UTC+8)Jul 28th, 22:00,2022.


Attention: ETH,   MetaMask Wallet,   Free Mint

Nano Labs, is an avid metaverse explorer, which counts many years of investment in research and development.Their mission is to provide ubiquitous computing power to the Metaverse computing network with their fabless logic-memory integrated circuits. It provides energy-efficient computing infrastructure (iPollo) and solutions for the Metaverse digital world (iPolloverse). iPollo Miner series products are well recognized by the industry. iPolloverse being a decentralized rendering network, it encourages the contribution of computing, storage, and networking resources all over the world for metaverse in a permissionless way.
Total 10000
Utility Same for all designs
Mint Price Free + Gas
Mint Limit 2 Per Wallet(MetaMask)

How are the 10K "iPollo Metaverse Pass by Nano Labs" allocated?

Phase I: 2,100 Whitelist + public free Mint, 

Phase II: 6,900 Whitelist + public free Mint,

Phase III: 1000 Whitelist to reward partners who have made contributions to the community.

Holders Benefits

  • 1. The chance to get airdrops of iPollo miner discount coupons;
  • 2. The chance to get the giveaway of iPollo Miner products;
  • 3. The chance to try new iPollo products;
  • 4. Get the priority on the right to purchase iPollo new products;
  • 5. Enjoy the internal test right of iPolloverse products;
  • 6. Enjoy the follow-up benefits of Nano Labs' ecological partners;
  • 7. Enjoy exclusive community access rights and get more information about iPollo.

July 2022 Phase I : 2,100 Alpha Memeber Mint;
July 2022 Phase II :The public sale of iPollo Metaverse Pass in Phase II was opened. The premint time is 10:00 on July 28, 2022 (UTC+8), and the public sale time is 22:00 on July 28, 2022. The total number of pre-sales and public sales in this round was 6,900;
Q4   2022 Phase III :We will reserve 1,000 iPollo Metaverse Passes to reward partners who have made contributions to the community. In Phase III, we will pre-sell them by continuously updating the white list. Phase III will be started after the public sale of Phase II.